Operation check

  1. Line speed...待機中

Actual value:
Judgment criteria:
3Mbps or more
Less than 1Mbps

  1. Check the connection to the streaming server...Click here to play

Browser judgment:
Judgment criteria:
Supports HLS playback.
Playing with FLASH.(Some functions such as time shift playback cannot be used.)
Not supported.

  1. Video / audio viewing confirmation

Make sure that the video plays and you can hear the audio.
If the video does not play back, check the "Recommended Operating Environment" below and try it in another environment.

Recommended Operating Environment
OS Windows Mac Smart phone
version Windows7 SP1 or higher/
8 or higher / 10
Mac OS 10.5.7 or higher
(Intel base)
Android4.1 or higher
iPad(2nd generation)/ iPhone5 or higher
browser Internet Explorer 10,11
Google Chrome 21 or later
Firefox 28 or later
Safari 6.1 or later
Edge 12 or later
component Duel Core 1.Duel Core 1.6GHz or faster processor
And 2GB or more of RAM
Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
And 2GB or more of RAM
Line speed Measured over 3Mbps at wired or wireless speed
* Since it will be delivered in high quality, please watch in a wired environment.

* A security warning message may appear depending on the customer's environment, but it will not affect viewing, so please continue watching.

* Customers with viewing problems should try viewing on another device such as a smartphone, browser, or line environment.
See also “Troubleshooting” below.

Q:The sound is low, but will it increase?
A: Is the volume muted or turned down? Increase the PC volume and check. Check the headphone volume.
Also check if the microphone and speaker are plugged in properly.

Q: Judgment of the line speed check was×. Is there a solution?
A: If you are connected via a wireless LAN, try a wired LAN. If it does not improve, try changing the network.

Q: The decision to confirm the connection to the streaming server was ×, and the countermeasure displayed at the time of the decision was tried, but it did not improve
A: It must be possible to connect to WebSocket.
Please check the settings of security software, etc., or try changing the browser or terminal.
For Internet Explorer 10 and Windows7 Internet Explorer 11, Flash is used, so check if the Flash Player is the latest version here
If the problem persists, please contact the following "Contact Information".

Q: Even if the connection confirmation to the streaming server is determined to bethe viewing of video and audio cannot be confirmed.
A: Please contact "Contact Information" below.

Contact Information

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