Nex-Pro System check

  1. Line speed ...Standby

Actual value:
Judgment criteria:
3Mbps or more
Less than 1Mbps

  1. Check the connection to the streaming server ...Click here to play

Browser result:
Judgment criteria:
Supports HLS playback.
Not supported.

  1. Video / audio viewing check

Please make sure that the video plays and you can hear the audio.
If the video does not play back, check the " Recommended System Specs " below and try it in another environment

Recommended System Specs
browser Google Chrome / Edge , latest version
Line speed Measured over 3Mbps at wired or wireless speed
*For the optimal viewing experience, we recommend using a wired connection.

*A security warning message may appear depending on the customer's environment, but it will not affect viewing, so please continue watching.

*Customers with viewing problems should try viewing on another device such as a smartphone, browser, or using a wired connection.
See also " Troubleshooting"below.

Q:Volume is too low, how can I increase it?
A: Is the volume muted or turned down? Increase the PC volume and check. Check the headphone volume.
Also check if the microphone and speaker are plugged in properly.

Q: Result of the line speed check was ×. Can I do something about it?
A: If you are connected via a wireless LAN, try a wired LAN. If it does not improve, try changing the network.

Q: The connection to the streaming server was ×, and the countermeasure displayed at the time of the decision was tried, but it did not improve
A: You have to be able to connect to our server to be able to view a broadcast.
Please check the settings of security software, etc., or try changing the browser or terminal.

Q: The connection to the streaming server was but I cannot view the video/hear anything.
A: Please contact " Contact Information" below

Q: There is a chance the video might be blocked by my company's firewall.
A: Please permit connection to the following domain used for broadcasting:
Host Port number Usage rules 80, 443 Static file download (required for Nexpro use)
80, 443 For viewing on-demand videos 80, 443 For video viewing

Q:Video player does not appear.
A: It may be blocked by your company's Internet filtering system. Please get the above domain permission.
Contact Information

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